Elopement Olbia Costa Smeralda photographer,
I would love to
 photograph your elopement in Olbia.

I was born and raised in Sassari near to Olbia and my sister lives in Olbia
I love photographing weddings for their strong emotional and emotional charge.
This is the day in which the family and friends shake around the couple and all the feelings and connections between people explode.
I love my land more than any other place in the world so I will try to tell your wedding with all the attention to the peculiarity of the chosen location.
Olbia is a perfect town for weddings and elopement, there are beautiful and local beaches with breathtaking views.
I am an intimate and romantic photographer and you can take a look at my portfolio wedding herehttps://www.valeriamameli.com/gallery/wedding/

and see complete weddings herehttps://www.valeriamameli.com/category/wedding/

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