Life is what happens to you when you’re intent on making other plans

John Lennon sangs.
This work is my biggest challenge, to show how the everyday life deserves to be remembered just as special occasions and more.
Because often we get lost in the rush and bustle and forget how special and important the small gestures are .
Because there will be many eyes and ears will which remember the day of your wedding and your child’s baptism, but how many will remember the grimace that your child always did ?
The way you snuggled up to you, your eyes look at him to explore?

I wish that these moments have their place in the album of your memories.
I would like to accompany you in the story of your life, in walks in two, in the splendor of a female body that is transformed to welcome a new life, in fear and enchantment of his first verses.
I will be there with you when you teach him to make cookies or to ride a bike, and while you tell a tale,
because to me these are the moments that are worth remembering.

which day would you remember?

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